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  • This is an SME Directory that makes it possible for online buyers to find and contact you to purchase goods and services you offer. The directory lists your business alongside other businesses that are registered on The Marketplace.

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By registering on The Marketplace, you gain access to a broad range of tools, resources and networks to help you grow your business. The Marketplace has five distinct sections
  • SME Help

  • The SME Help is a solution centre that provides you with SME solutions, useful learning material, templates, articles and other resources to support your continuous learning as a businessman/businesswoman

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A true business partner.

  • Deals Corner

  • The Deals Corner offers you an online store front from where you can display and sell you products and services to online buyers.

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Post A Brief

Post A Brief allows you respond to requests (briefs) from people in need of professional services. You can respond to posted requests you are interested in, by bidding. The requester can then choose who to work with from a list of service providers who bided for the brief

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